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Order Information

Order Information

  1. How can I change my shipping address? 

    Please email  and we will change your shipping address for your current order, However, please note that if it has already been dispatched then we would be able to change the delivery address.

  2. How do I view the items in my shopping cart? 

    There is an icon on the top right-hand side of your screen, click this and your shopping cart will pop up.

  3. How do I remove items from my shopping cart? 

    Once you have your shopping cart open, click on the x next to the product and it will be removed from your basket

  4. How do I unsubscribe from mail? 

    On our email newsletter there is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email, click on this and complete the instructions and you will receive an unsubscribe confirmation

  5. How do I cancel my order? 

    Once your order has been placed you will not be able to cancel the order.

  6. Can I add or remove items to an existing order?

    Unfortunately, once an order has already been confirmed are you unable to add items to the order you will required be to place a new order.

  7. Are my items reserved even though they are in my shopping cart? 

     No, they are not, they are only reserved and confirmed once you receive your order confirmation email after placing your order online

  8. Annual Closure? 

    We wish all our customers a happy and prosperous festive season

    During this period, StockMarketFashion Head Office will be closing on the 20th Dec 2021 and is scheduled to reopen on the 8th Jan 2022

    All refunds & returns will be attended to in the new year should you require a refund during the above-mentioned period.

    Support services and Shipping Services will also be offline

    We thank you for your understanding and wish you well over the holidays.

  9.   Can I place an order telephonically? 

    No, all orders must be placed via our online portal or via WhatsApp on 0738372008

  10. Will we be getting stock of a certain item? 

    Please email  with the details of the product you request