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Chicken Collagen 450g

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Chicken Collagen 450g

Regular Price
R 599.00
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R 599.00
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  • Product Description

      Powdered Chicken collagen with a mild chicken flavour.

      Type II collagen is the main component of cartilage in the body. Type II collagen is what gives cartilage its tensile strength and elasticity, thereby enabling it to support the joints. It helps in the binding process with the help of fibronectin and other collagens.

      Type II collagen is a major part of cartilage tissue. Cartilage is a firm but pliable connective tissue. There are different types of cartilage in the body, each with a specific function. The cartilage found in joints has several functions, such as

      • connecting bones
      • allowing the tissue to bear mechanical stress
      • shock absorption
      • allowing connected bones to move without friction

      The type II collagen fibers are the main collagenous substance found in cartilage. They play an extremely important role.

      The main problem with cartilage is that it’s particularly prone to wear-and-tear. This is partly because it’s ‘avascular’, meaning it doesn’t have a blood supply for the direct delivery of nutrients.

      Although the body is able to deliver some nutrients to the cartilage via a process known as ‘diffusion’( i.e. the nutrients diffuse through the surrounding connective tissue), this avascularity means that cartilage injuries heal slower because the body can’t deliver an adequate amount of the nutrients needed for the repair of cells.

      In some cases, cartilage damage is considered irreversible due to the degradation of type II collagen.

      So there is a growing number of people who are looking for natural ways to prolong the life of their cartilages, as well as improve their joint conditions.

      Hydrolyzed type II collagen is widely recognized as being a key ingredient in leading-edge supplements for joint health.

      • Because it is hydrolyzed it can be absorbed by the body
      • It’s highly bioactive and bioavailable
      • It can protect cartilages from degeneration from wear and tear
      • Promotes cartilage lubrication
      • Reduces inflammation in the synovial fluid
      • Protection of bones at the joints


      Daily Recommended Intake

      Serving size 1 TSP (3 g).

      Per 100g
      Energy (KJ)                           1,499
      Protein (g)                                43
      Total Carbohydrates (g)
      of which total sugar (g)                                  3
      of which dietary fibre (g)                                  2
      of which sugar alcohol (g)                                34
      Total fat (g)                                11
      of which saturated (g)                                11
      Total Sodium (mg)                              102

      Collagen (g)



      Hydrolyzed Chicken Collagen Powder


      Keep in a jar with the lid tightly closed.




      LID: Metal widely recycled

      BOTTLE:  Glass widely recycled




      Add 1 Tsp to a smoothie or shake in the morning.  Can also be added to cooking.


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