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Collagen Benefits

Collagen and Skin Health

As we age, collagen in our skin degrades. It’s estimated our bodies produce one percent less collagen in the skin every year beginning at age twenty. This degradation and decreased collagen production is a major contributor to wrinkles, decreased skin elasticity, and thin skin associated with old age.

One large review of existing scientific literature (which included 11 clinical studies involving 805 patients, total) found collagen supplementation to increase skin hydration and elasticity while boosting collagen density. The researchers concluded that the evidence is “promising” for hydrolyzed collagen in the use of skin aging. .

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Collagen and Hair and Nail Health

Collagen is abundant in your skin and contains crucial amino acids in the development of healthy hair. However, there is no sound scientific evidence that supplementing with collagen can have a direct impact on human hair health. This doesn’t mean it can’t! Rather, it means that the research hasn’t been done to prove it can. 

There is, however, some research to support collagen in nail health. For example, this clinical study found that collagen peptide supplementation increased nail growth, improved brittle nails and decreased nail breakage after 24 weeks

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Collagen and Joint Health

Another relatively large body of research connected supplementing with hydrolyzed collagen to overall joint health in athletes. 

One 24-week study looked at the effects of collagen supplementation in physically active athletes who suffer joint pain because of their sport. The researchers found athletes using hydrolyzed collagen had notably less pain than those taking a placebo.

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Harvest Table - Ancient Wisdom. Today's Nourishment

Collagen Products that actually make you look and feel AMAZING. Some of our products have a combination of Collagen Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3. We want our customers to have premium products at affordable prices.

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Trending Brands

NeoVita Gummy Benefits

NeoVita Luscious Hair Blueberry

Luscious Hair is specifically formulated to naturally assist with hair growth, hair strength and prevent hair loss as well as promote healthy skin and nails Biotin, Folic Acid & Vitamin CBerry Blues FlavourPack Size: 30 Days (60 Gummies) Biotin (5000mcg), Vitamin A (2100IU), Vitamin C (20mg), Vitamin D (400IU) + Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, Pantothenic Acid, Iodine, Zinc, Choline, and Inositol

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NeoVita Incredible Immunity

Incredible Immunity is packed with the right botanicals to boost the immune system and assist with symptom relief Elderberry, Echinacea & Ivy Leaf Extract Lemon Squeeze Flavor
Pack Size: 30 Days (60 Gummies)
Vitamin C (45mg), Zinc (4.5mg), Elderberry Extract, Ivy Leaf Extract, Echinacea Extract

NeoVita Radiant Skin

Radiant Skin is specifically formulated to assist with keeping skin healthy and hydrated. It also assists with problematic and sensitive skin.
Nourish, Hydrate & Maintain SkinPerilla Extract, Grape Seed Extract & Vitamins Passionfruit Pop Flavor
Pack Size: 60 Days (120 Gummies)

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